Outlook Express Email Extractor

Outlook Express Email Extractor extracts all email addresses from Outlook Express and Outlook Express (.DBX) files. Outlook Express Email extractor is a very fast software for extract email addresses and easy to use. It process hundreds of .DBX files in single process and gives you a list of email addresses.

Price  39$.00

The Outlook Express Email Extractor software has been built to Extract Email IDs from Outlook Express. It can Extract Email Addresses in bulk from the .DBX files of Outlook Express. The user can take Email Addresses from as many file as he wants to and it will do its work within minutes.
The software is furnished with filter. The filter removes the inadequate information like duplicate addresses from the data downloaded. Thus saving the time of the user. It also gives option to save the data taken out. User can the data in .CSV form to use in Excel or can save it .TXT form to use in Notepad.
The Outlook Express Email Extractor gives option to Extract Email IDs individually from folders like inbox, out box, sent, deleted, etc. You can randomly select these folders and take out the addresses. It is flexible to work in all the versions of windows i.e. 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2007 and 2003 whichever the user has.
It is an advanced tool but very easy to handle. The user has to just to make effort in giving the commands. Rest of the work will be done by the software. It can be really useful in today’s world especially for big organizations and corporations. They can use it for their daily online marketing and also in marketing campaign. Its graphic inter phase and effective wizard helps the user helps the user in Extracting Email easily.
It is really advanced and user friendly software. The speed and exactness of this software makes it the best in the field.

  • The tool can Extract Email Addresses from Outlook Express.
  • It has the ability to Extract Email Addresses from.DBX files of Outlook express.
  • You can Extract Email Addresses in bulk from 1000s of .DBX files.
  • The software has filter which removes inappropriate data and the duplicate ids.
  • The tool can Extract Email Addresses from individual folders like Inbox, out box, sent, deleted, etc.
  • This software is compatible to work in all versions of Windows.
  • It can be very useful to big corporations and organizations.
  • This is user friendly and advanced software.

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